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Why Install Pavers?

You may have noticed that over recent years, paver driveways, patios, and walkways have become increasingly popular.  While there are several options for covering small to large areas, like using asphalt, concrete, etc. paving is certainly one the easiest and most beneficial ways to go. The benefits of pavers include unrivaled beauty, easy upkeep, and long-term cost efficiency of properly executed paving stone installations are becoming more and more apparent.

As a conscientious homeowner, you want your driveway, patio, walkways, and pool deck to stand up to the weather, require little maintenance, and appear new for many years to come. At Citizens Pressure Cleaning, we not only offer installation of new pavers and maintenance, we also offer removal old failing seal, re-sanding, paver repairs, and paver sealing. 


What is Paver Sealing? 


After you have invested in pavers, whether that be a patio or driveway, etc., it is important to protect your pavers from the weathering Florida UV rays. Applying a sealer will not only protect the appearance of your beautiful pavers, it can also help to keep the sand in place Pavers that aren't sealed will be more likely to grow weeds throughout the joints, fade and loose their color from the suns damaging UV rays. 

With Paver Sealing, Citizens Pressure Cleaning can not only protect your new pavers, we can also restore pavers. 

Paver Sanding

Paver Stripping 

Paver Installations  


Paver Repair

Paver repair including lifting any uneven or un-level paver, and adding new screening sand to base to prevent issues in the near future. New base will be water compacted into place and each paver will be individually reinstalled. New sand will be applied into joints of reinstalled pavers to prevent pavers from shifting in the near future.

Do you have failing or shifting pavers around your pool? Not only can this be an eye sore, it can also be hazardous!

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paver maintenance
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